Create A Bond Theme

Think you've got what it takes to follow in the footsteps of Duran Duran A-ha and Madonna by writing and performing your own Bond theme? Worried about how you're going to fit Quantum of Solace into the lyrics? The Penguin Books has the competition for you.

Penguin has set up a MySpace page to promote the release of the forthcoming Sebastian Faulks-penned original Bond novel Devil May Care, part of the promotion being an invitation to musically-minded fans to pen a Bond theme to go with it. The winning entry will be used on the audiobook version of the novel. Both will be published on Mat 28 2008.

So, if you think you can beat such unforgettable lyrics as, "He's got a powerful weapon," the precociously ungrammatical "This world in which we live in" or the quite awesome originality of, "Whooooooo-Oooooo-Oooooo-Ooo, the living daylights" then click on the link above for all the finer details of how to enter.

But please, please, please don’t rhyme 007 with Heaven. Even Bono never stopped that low (though he did sneak in "leather" and "forever"…)