Castlevania script overhauled

It's Dracula, as he appears in Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles. Isn't he pretty?

Crystal Sky Pictures have been sitting on the rights to a movie version of Konami's ever-popular Castlevania series since 2005, with Paul WS Anderson attached to direct. Then in June this year it was announced that Anderson was stepping away from the project to work on a remake of Deathrace 2000, with the directorial duties being handed over to Sylvain White (who we also reported , back in February, as directing a big-screen version of Frank Miller's graphic novel Ronin).

The thing that remained unclear was whether Anderson's script would still be used, but now horror news site Bloody Disgusting has announced that it won't. The whole thing is being rewritten by relatively new screenwriter Ian Jeffers, whose only other credit to date is the screenplay for James Wan's Death Sentence. Whether this complete overhaul means that the story will still consist of a Dracula origins story along with the story of the Belmont family, as was previously announced by the film's producer, remains to be seen.

Although, Ian, if you want to include the line "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!" from Symphony of the Night, there'll no doubt be some happy fans out there...


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