Carson to return to Atlantis

After Carson Beckett was written out of Atlantis (you can read what the actor had to say about that, here ) the fans mobilised to express their frustration. There's even a Save Carson Beckett campaign. The result? The showrunner Joseph Mallozzi confirmed last night that the character will be returning for some episodes of season four.

Joe Mallozzi says, "I’m a man of my word... I am pleased to announce that Carson Beckett will be returning to Atlantis for a two-part story in the back half of season four. At present, he is signed for two episodes and we are working on a third story… It will be Carson Beckett in the flesh… That door will be left open [for him to make further appearances]."

You can read more about the campaign and about Mallozzi's reaction to it, here . You can read more about the recent Save Carson Beckett rally in our next issue, on sale Wednesday 9 May. Thanks to Tara Jeffrey for this story.