BLOG Watch the final read-through of The Middleman

Narin Bahar shares the Comic-Con table read of The Middleman's last episode:

Well we gave you the (spoilerish free) run down on, frankly, one of the highlights of Comic Con, the table read of The Middleman's amazing final episode but thanks to the joys of YouTube you can now see it in all its glory. And it is very bleeping glorious indeed.

To view the whole episode (and Mark Sheppard's scenery chewingly brilliant evil) in its full glory, go here for the full playlist.

And then come back here so we can discuss it together. Once you've mopped up the tears at the prospect of something so utterly brilliant never being made...

* The Middleman Season One (without this episode, alas!) is out on region 1 DVD now. There are no plans currently for it to be shown in the UK.