Biel's a Wonder, Wonder Woman?

As Warner Bros confirm a greenlight for superheroic ensemble piece Justice League of America, the inevitable question is who exactly will play the pantheon of DC icons?

We know that wild Batmobiles wouldn't drag Christian Bale anywhere near this project - he's fiercely loyal to Christopher Nolan's vision of the Dark Knight - and there's still no word on whether Brandon Routh will reprise his turn as the Man of Steel from Superman Returns (we're betting not, but willing to be surprised). Some names have started to swirl around the role of Wonder Woman, though: it's understood that Australian actress Victoria Hill recently tested for the Amazonian avenger, and now comes word that Chuck & Larry star Jessica Biel is a fave to fill the star-spangled knicks. Her "people" aren't commenting on the report and Warner Bros are keeping equally mum. We like to imagine that the auditioning process involves young hopefuls bouncing live bullets off their bracelets.

Justice League of America will be directed by Mad Max/Happy Feet helmer George Miller and is fast-tracked for a Summer 2009 release.