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Send us your memories for issue 200

Be in with a chance of featuring in a landmark issue of SFX

Your eyes don't deceive you SFX celebrates it's 200th issue in less than two months time and thanks to the crazy world of magazine production cycles we'll be compiling the readers letters section of Post Apocalypse early next week . The upshot of this is if you'd like to be in with a chance of having your scribblings feature in an SFX milestone send your thoughts to now.

Regale us with your favourite memories of SFX past. Been reading since issue one? Got your favourite cover framed? Long for the days of garish pastel neon spines? The best of the bunch will be in with a chance of making it into the mag and winning a nifty prize in the process. Don't miss out .

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.