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Merlin Had Change Of Plans In Series Two

It was going to end differently, reveals Gwen actress Angel Coulby in the new SFX

The second series of the BBC’s Merlin was originally intended to end slightly differently, reveals Angel Coulby in the new issue of SFX (on sale next Wednesday). But she can’t go into too much detail, as the events in question have now been moved to season three.

“It’s always just a pleasure to get the next set of scripts,” she says. “We get three scripts at a time and we’re always really excited to learn what’s going to happen next. If they have time the producers will sit down with you and give you a story arc, but things can change. Like the way series two ended. All I can say – in vague terms – is that some things that were going to happen with Morgana have been pushed on into series three. And that was a bit of a surprise.”

Read the full interview – and a few more hints about season three – in SFX 196, on sale 5 May.