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Falling Skies Season 2: Noah Wyle Interview

[VAMS id="5hX1JEA0P06KC" bc="1710150383001" url="noah-wyle-falling-skies-season-two-interview-5hX1JEA0P06KC"]

Last time we saw Falling Skies militia man Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), he was walking onto an alien spaceship in the climax of season one. When the show returns for season two, three months have passed - and Tom has been released by the aliens, allowed to return to the group. But why? And what tweaks to the series can we expect?

Falling Skies season two starts airing in the UK on FX on Tuesday 3 July, at 9.00pm.
Falling Skies season one is released on DVD on Monday 2 July.