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After Earth: Your Alternative Tag-Line Suggestions

Seemingly the product of some random pompous-tag-line generating software, it got us thinking: could you come up with some equally potentous taglines that sound impressive, mean nothing, and could be used for the poster of any action blockbuster? That way you could save Hollywood millions in marketing think tanks.

So we put the challenge out on our Facebook page (another reason why you should Like us if you missed the shout-out and think you could do better), and here are some of our favourites…

From Mike “Sheepy” Brumpton (left) and Peter Nolan

From Ben Dawson (left) and James King

From James King (left) and Paul Cheney

From Peter Nolan (left) and Stephen Hunt

From Glenn Alienbutt Scrimshaw (left) and John Finnan

And here are two that didn’t exactly follow the rules, but made us laugh anyway…

From Daniel Culshaw (left) and Ian Gleeson

There were loads more great suggestions – rarely has a Facebook thread made us chortle so much – so if you want to read some here, click here .

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