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2020 Vision

From out of a wormhole of timey whimey stuff – SFX website headlines in the year 2020:

1 Foetus Cast As New Doctor Who – “Too Young!” Claim Fans

2 Disney buys Mexico

3 New Peter F Hamilton Novel So Dense It Creates Its Own Gravitational Field

4 Uwe Boll All-Nighter Blasted By Human Rights Groups

5 Spider-Man 9 To Feature 27 Different Villains

6 Clark Finally Wears Red Boots In Smallville. Cloak by 2025, Claim Producers

7 Vampire Love Triangle In Hollyoaks

8 Fourth Sequel Of Fourth Friday The 13th Remake Nears Completion

9 New Superman Movie “May Go Ahead Next Year”

10 Peter Jackson Goes Ahead With Live-Action Meet The Feebles remake

11 Games Will Kill Films, Says Games Industry

12 Oscars Rule Out "Performance By A CG-Resurrected Dead Actor" Category

13 Joss Whedon Reunites Everyone From Every Show He's Ever Done For 3D Mobile Phone Musical (But Promises Alyson Hannigan Won’t Sing)

14 10 Years On, JJ Abrams Tries To Explain Lost Finale.

15 Sky Mistakenly Places Ad In Natural Ad Break During US Show

16 Product Placement Goes Wild As File-Sharing Becomes Number One Way to Watch TV

17 Batman Has Sex Change

18 Scientist Claims To Have Translated The Clangers

19 Walt Disney’s Resurrected Head Attached To Cloned Body Of Schwarzenegger

20 Andromeda Fan Finally Discovers Other Andromeda Fan