Director On BBC James Herbert Crickley Hall Adaptation

EXCLUSIVE Writer/director Joe ( Ultraviolet / Apparitions ) Ahearne shares some initial thoughts

Last week, the BBC announced that it was adapting James Herbert’s haunted house novel The Secret Of Crickley Hall as a three-part drama for Halloween 2012.

The man who’ll be adapting the book and directing the series will be Joe Ahearne, well known to SFX readers as the creator of Ultraviolet and Apparitions , as well as the director of five episodes of the Christopher Eccleston series of Doctor Who . So we got in touch with him for some initial thoughts.

“I’ve done vampires and astronauts and aliens and demons but these are my first ghosts,” he enthuses.

“I start preproduction next week,”he tells us. “No cast yet. It's been in the works for a couple of  years.

“The book is absolutely excellent. Ghost stories are quite difficult to get right I think but this one is extremely gripping and emotional. It for once solves the age old problem of ghost stories – why don't they leave the bloody house.

“It involves orphans and missing children which is very powerful stuff.  There’s also a big period element (1943) and I haven't tackled period since my first short film. And it's nice to be doing something that's for Halloween.

“So all in all I'm pretty excited.”

Well, we loved both Apparitions and Ultraviolet , so we’re excited too.


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