WW2 shooter Battalion 1944 adds single player stretch goal for [spit take] 1.2 million

Okay, okay, £1.2 million for a single player campaign isn't huge money in the world of game development - it probably doesn't even buy you good hair - but when your Kickstarter is only on £251,393, with six days to go, it's probably safe to say it ain't going to happen.

On the plus side, people clearly want a new World War 2 shooter because the original goal was only £100,000, putting this at nearly 250% funded. Still, it looks like we'll only be getting the bare bones of the game though, with none of the really interesting stretch goals reached yet. That currently leaves Battalion 1994 as an online only multiplayer shooter between US and German forces.

Stuff like an offline training Bootcamp level (£275,00), British Forces (£325,000) or Russians (£400,000) will likely not be making an appearance unless there's a lot of money dropped in developer Bulkhead's pockets inside of the next week.

It's a shame because by far the biggest piece of feedback from you lot has been that it not be multiplayer only, and feature a single player story. So far the stretch goals reached include a full time community manager (£225,000) and 'improved particle effects' (£250,000) because all wars need good smoke.

If you want to try and tip the chances of hitting any more goals then you can check out the Kickstarter here.

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