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Predator Reboot To Be Set On Predator Planet

Latino Review claims to have seen a script for the Predator reboot movie, currently being called Predators, and is sharing some of what it has learnt.

* The hero will be called Royce.

* He is snatched by a Predator and taken to their home world.

* Dropped into the jungles, he meets seven other humans from around the world, who have also been captured. All of them are dangerous killers of one sort or another

* They include Cuchillo, a Mexican-American enforcer from a drug cartel with "twin Uzis strapped to his back"; Nikolai, a Russian with a rotary machine gun; Isabelle, a French woman armed with a sniper rifle; Stans, a prisoner from San Quentin; Mombasa, an African member of the Sierra Leone squad; Hanzo, a Japanese Yakuza enforcer; and Edwin, a man formerly on the FBI's most wanted list.

So presumably the Predators fancy a bit of sport with some worthy opponents. Hopefully there'll be a bit more to the plot than that, though... or are we being naively optimistic?

Currently in the director's seat is Vacancy helmer Nimrod Antal.