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Exclusive Avatar value pack available now

Fan of both James Cameron and good old fashioned high street value? Not got your copy of the latest SFX issue yet? Then we have some great news for you.

On sale now in selected UK retailers you'll find this amazing film magazine bumper pack. It's basically a copy of the latest SFX magazine (with Avatar cover) and the latest Total Film magazine (with Avatar cover) bundled together with money off. Result!

If you bought both mags together it would cost you £7.98 but this pack is only £5.99 so that's a cool saving. You'll also get the freebies from each mag. So that means if you're looking for a complete celebration of James Cameron's Avatar, this is for you - Total Film, SFX, the Total Film book about James Cameron, the SFX metallic Avatar poster, all for £5.99. Nice eh? Look out for it wherever you usually buy your news-stand mags.