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DOWNLOAD Planet Of The Cliches board game art NEW

Reader! Your starship has crashed on a remote, forbidding world, ruled by the merciless might of creative mediocrity! Can you survive this hackneyed hell?

With words by Nick Setchfield and art by Paul Cemmick , Planet Of The Clichés was printed in SFX 180. And here it is for you to download, print out and paste onto cardboard for your own home gaming pleasure. All you need is a d6, some counters, and a bankrupt imagination!

Simply click the image above to open the full graphic - warning: 13 MB PDF file - in a new window. You'll need a viewer like Adobe Acrobat to open it. It's yours to keep and print out for personal use. Enjoy!

Copyright remains with SFX - link back to this page if you want others to see it please.