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Being Human Wins Two Awards

Being Human won two awards at the RTS* Craft & Design Awards 2008/9 last night. It was recognised for its werewolf transformation effects and its film editing.

Of the werewolf effects the Society said: “Working with small budgets and tight deadlines with no post-production enhancement, this work illustrates a real commitment to the profession and the genre. The effective transformations into a werewolf were a tour de force.”

Meanwhile, the show’s editing was praised with the words: “Bold, ambitious and a very fresh piece of television… in which the editing treads the line brilliantly between drama, comedy and horror, allowing the show as a whole to be a terrific modern twist on genre television.”

Doctor Who’s “The Next Doctor" lost out in the Digital Effects category to surreal sketch comedy show The Wrong Door: “Ambitious, fresh and distinctive in its approach… and unique and visual in its wit. The digital effects were actively driving the comedy material.”

*Royal Television Society