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The Chequered Flag 3

From: Death Race 2000
Location: The United States Of America (well, quite a few of them)
Mode of transport: Cars pimped with some serious weaponry and FO paintwork
Racers: Frankenstein (rumoured to be part machine) in a Corvette modified to look like a monster; Calamity Jane in her Bull-mobile; Matilda the Hun, a Nazi in a car designed to resemble a buzz bomb; Nero The Hero, in a leonine roadster armed with teeth; and others.
Winner: Frankenstein
Racing form: Wacky Races with added road rage, Death Race 2000 isn’t just about crossing the winning line first it's about killing as many pedestrians as you can along the way for extra points (with bonuses for senior citizens – which seems a bit odd because the slow moving blue rinse brigade must be easier to hit, surely? We'd give extra points for pranging four-by-four owners). Potential entrants beware! You may become the target of political activists, but the prizes can be great. One previous victor ended up President. An attempt to revive the race in 2008 stalled when spectators stayed away in droves.

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