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The Video Zone - Episode 8

Oct 15, 2007

Halloween is upon us and with that comes dressing up as either your favorite characters from pop culture, trying a spin on a phrase or cliché (Cereal Killer or Manifest Destiny works) or if you’re a girl, possibly a slutty nurse or zombie sock-hop girl. Did we get you pegged? Well, don’t get sad at your incredible lack of creativity; just hop on board the mighty world of the internets and look for something better. When you’re done, pop on back and read up on the finest gaming vids to hit the ol’ WWW. What does this have to do with Halloween? Absolutely nothing, but seriously, all those ideas have been done. Move on, people.

Path of Death

Some of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal's skill points were impossible to get. Here’s one of the hardest, as earned by an internet man. His rambling narration’s a bit mad however, so turn the sound off.

Home Beta walkthrough

If you weren’t picked to be part of Sony’s Home beta trial, don’t worry. This video runs through pretty much everything it had to offer. Shame about that awful rock ballad soundtrack.

PS3 in Heroes

Spoiler warning! If you haven’t seen episode 18 of Heroes yet, skip forward 45 seconds to the scene where boy genius Micah and his split-personalitymother play Heavenly Sword on a PlayStation 3.

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