The Predator Gaming After Party was a hit at PAX West 2018

For the first time, the Predator Gaming After Party came to PAX West 2018, throwing the event of the convention that had PAX attendees lining up to get in the doors. This year's event was hosted at The Showbox at Pike Place Market in Seattle where guests were able to grab a drink, play games, and check out the latest hardware from the Acer Predator gaming lineup. 

The day started off on the PAX show floor as the Predator Street Team greeted attendees with invites to the night's party, handed out custom swag, and showed off the amazing Predator Gaming costume worn by cosplayer Arcanine Rawr. Attendees also had a chance to win VIP passess to the Predator Gaming After Party by following the hashtag #PredatorPAX. The street team revealed their location via social media and the first Predator fans to find them were given the prize. PAX-goers also had the chance to win a $10,000 Orion Battlestation for participating in one of the Predator AR experiences displayed around the convention center. 

At The Showbox, the night kicked off with early access for press who were able to get their hands of the latest Acer Predator products powered by Intel. On display were Orion 9000 desktops running on Predator X 34 G-SYNC ultra wide monitors, the Trition 700 laptop, the special edition white and gold versions of the Helios 300 laptop, and more! 

At 9 PM the doors opened to eager guests giving them access to the product demos, photo booth, and the Play-like-the-Pros esports competition where players participated in competitive Rocket League games for custom Predator swag. Music played throughout the night, filling the dance floor. DJ A-TRAK went on-stage for an exciting live performance before the night closed out with the winner reveals for the party's social giveaway. 

Thanks to all who made it to the Predator Gaming After Party. We'll see you next year!