The Legend of Zelda as a Studio Ghibli film is the game-to-movie adaptation we need

The Legend of Zelda is one of gaming's most consistently beautiful franchises, full of unique landscapes and expansive horizons. So shouldn't a (theoretical) film adaptation be just as pleasing to the eyes? I imagine that thought - or at least, one close to it - was going through artist Matt Vince's head when he created this beautiful teaser of Zelda as a Studio Ghibli movie.

The resemblance is uncanny, especially near the end when Link is riding up a mountain slope on Epona - reminds me of Ashitaka on Yakul's back in Princess Mononoke. Hell, even the font is dead on. I doubt we'll ever see Zelda come to the big screen, but if it did, the people in charge could stand to take some pointers from Matt's work here.

Absolutely gorgeous.

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Sam Prell

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