Star Wars Battlefront 3 video introduces the single-player campaign we never got

Last year, we were treated to the first proper Star Wars Battlefront game since 2005's Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PS2, PC, and Xbox. But we almost had a third game much sooner, with the long-cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3 (they saved all the exciting/non-numerical names for the handheld and mobile games). That project died in 2008, but footage of the training level surfaced on YouTube just this week:

It's clearly unfinished, with janky animations, camera work, missing sound effects, and almost non-existent lighting and shading. Still, if you want an extended look at what could've been, this is the video for you.

Unlike what we see here in Star Wars Battlefront 3, EA and DICE's most recent entry in the franchise lacks a single-player campaign. Hopefully the sequel - which will feature content from the newest set of films - will remedy this omission.

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Sam Prell

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