Spurious Awards Of The Week

Sadly Not Real Spin-Off Merchandise Of The Week

Hell, we’d buy this! Created by Alice S Lin .

Dark Fairytale Of The Week

Haven reveals what really happened to the three bears after Goldilocks gobbled up all their porridge. The callous bitch.

Sexual Disease Of The Week

Jude in Switch presumes that Gerry is hiding his todger under a cushion, not realising that, in fact, he’s suffering from the rare tropical Furry Balls And Tartan Cock disease.

Cosplay Of The Week

Young Rimmer in Red Dwarf turns out to be Matt Smith’s Doctor fan.

Coincidence? We Think Not Of The Week

So Once Upon A Time was created by Lost 's Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, right? Which might explain why this week's episode features Lost 's famous Apollo candy bar and Jorge Garcia as the Giant from Jack And The Beanstalk. It's not the first time Apollo bars have appeared on Once Upon A Time but it can’t be any coincidence they popped up in Jorge's episode, seeing as Hurley loved them so much!

Unlikeliest Political Champion Of The Week

Republicans in the US might think they’ve just entered an alternate universe where Obama was able to win a second term, but another Democrat who lives her life in a fantasy universe proved to be a much more unlikely winner on election night too. Republicans were up in arms at the idea of someone who admitted online, “I stab things… a lot,” running for a place in the Senate. But no need to panic. Colleen Lachowicz, you see, likes to play an Orc called Santiaga in World Of Warcraft . Her Republican opponents, though, tried to seize upon this fact and spin it into something negative, devoting a whole website to dissing her hobby, and trying to make out anyone who wants to play an Orc must be a bad person in the real world too (trust Republicans to tar all Orcs with the same brush). “Maine needs a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen’s fantasy world,” they claimed. Well, tough titties. Maine voted for her. This is, after all, Stephen King-Land. They clearly like living in a fantasy world. Hurrah for Colleen. Now go and (figuratively) stab some politicians in the back. [via ComicsBeat , Blastr ]

Alternative Party Of The Week


A party political broadcast on behalf of the Westeros Party. Despite a few wayward pronunciations, this Game Of Thrones skit is timely and fun.

Hot Air Of The Week


Man creates Bag End from The Lord Of The Rings out of balloons. Bilbo warned to leave Sting at the door.

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Pun Of The Week

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Etiquette Lessons Of The Week


Costume Of The Week

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The Meme That Just Keeps On Giving Of The Week


Crossbreed Of The Week


Recycling Of The Week

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