Spurious Awards Of The Week

TV Trend Of The (Past Two) Weeks

Forget all that kerfuffle in Australia about legal moves to enforce plain cigarette packaging. The real anti-smoking drive has been in telefantasy over the past fortnight. Sinbad, Warehouse 13 , True Blood and Teen Wolf have all had stomach-churning scenes of characters coughing up smoke and tar.

Revelation Of The Week

Nick’s mum recalls with relish the fringe benefits of being a Grimm: “Didn’t your aunt ever tell you about that fetish club we set up?”

STI Of The Week

Teen Wolf ’s Jackson’s really wished he hadn’t had sex with that faerie.

Unexpected Guest Star Of The Week

An Observer makes a house call in Warehouse 13 .

Coffee Cosy Of The Week

And they’re available to buy! [via Etsy ]

Embarrassing Dad Dancing Of The Week


Nothing wring with a bit of formation Trek -themed zombie dancing (though we doubt it’ll replace synchronised swimming at the Olympics) but there always has to be one guy who goes over-the-top and ends up looking a complete plonker. Guess which red shirt we’d pick off first…

Cottage Industry Of The Week

When Redditor zzach posted these pics and the following message, he didn’t realise that he may have just made his mom rich: “I couldn't afford a pair of Batman Converse that I wanted so my talented mom said she would paint on some existing shoes. She did not disappoint.” The reaction was so overwhelmingly positive, Mom is now taking commission. We reckon DC should give her a job too.

Worst One-Night Stand Of The Week

Cultural stereotyping goes crazy. Or post-modern. Or something.

Posters Of The Week

Once Upon A Time In A Galaxy Far, Far Away… The original Star Wars trilogy reimagined as spaghetti Westerns by Tim Anderson .

Relapse Of The Week

Stark's still battling those demons.

Social Commentary Of The Week

This touching tale is the work of third year animation students at Bezalel Academy of Arts who clearly all have Pixar in their sights… [via Geeks Are Sexy ]

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