Spurious Awards Of The Week

Game Of The Week


Spurious Award Winner Of The Year (so far).

Should Have Gone To Specsavers Of The Week

Lafayette mistakes car for piano in True Blood .

Bad Dalek Impression Of The Week

Katy Perry enters a cosplay competition in her new movie.

Unexpected Guest Star Of The Week

Anyone else get a sense of deja vu after watching The Amazing Spider-Man and then watching Teen Wolf this week? Lizards versus teens – it’s the new meme.

Timey Wimey Conversation Of The Week


This starts off sweetly… then just goes bizarre!

Quote Of The Week

Falling Skies ’ Noah Wyle, via Metro .

Abraham Lincoln Spin-Off Movies Of The Week

Ronald Reagan: Dinosaur Hunter

John F Kennedy: Alien Hunter

Benjamin Franklin: God Slayer All by Jason Heuser, via Deviant Art .

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Remake Of The Week


That is the scariest monster we have ever seen! (But do you think these kids have actually watched Alien ?)

Nice Guy Of The Week

When 2000 AD fan BlackMocco missed out on a chance to see an early screening of Dredd when the cut-off for the queue finished right in front of him, he bemoaned his fate online: “Gutted! But when the film screenwriter Alex Garland heard about his bad luck he sent him this:

[via ComicBookMovie ]

Trailer Of The Week


More deja vu?

New Game Of Thrones Houses Of The Week

By lokiable on Deviant Art .

Cheating Robot Of The Week


Triumphant Return Of The Week

Portal ’s back where it belongs – in Spurious Awards. Created by four Lego enthusiasts calling themselves Team Jigsaw, this project is currently on the Lego community site Cuusoo , where it needs 10,000 votes to get reviewed for production. [via Blame It On The Voices ]

Potential Sith Of The Week


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Micro Art Of The Week

Believe it or not, this was carved from a ping pong ball. Who says art isn’t for the wiff waffs?

Robot Soap Argument Of The Week


This is like EastEnders meets WALL-E on acid.

Recycled Gag The Week

Who says Daleks are rubbish? (Anyway, any fool knows these are Autons, not Daleks.) We did stifle a snigger, though.

Carry On Sequel Of The Week

Wonderbra meet Spider-Boobs. [via Olly Moss ]

Searing Social Commentary Of The Week*


* This may be sarcasm.

Superteam Of The Week

An epic fantasy version of The Avengers (which is what we thought Paul Cornell’s Demon Knights was, to be honest). See the spectacular full-size images here .

And Finally Of The Week


You knew somebody would do it eventually. It was worth the wait.

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