Spurious Awards Of The Week

Burn Gorman Impression Of The Week

Roman gives Steve Newlin some help with his "Owen From Torchwood ” impression in True Blood .

Pissed Teacher Of The Week

Algebra’s even worse with some werewolf teacher who’s been overdosing on wine gums, as the kids find out in Teen Wolf .

Software Of The Week

We never knew there was a time travel element to Bedlam , but clearly Ellie (Lacey Turner) has nipped forward to 2019 to borrow this spectacular image-enhancing software from Rick Deckard. From smudge on ancient photo to recognisable face in just four steps.

Omen Moment Of The Week

And while we’re on the subject of movie homages in Bedlam this week, not only did it apparently guest star Damien Thorn, but there was even a plummeting lift moment. Anyone else waiting with baited breath for the metal chord to slice Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat winner Lee Mead in half? And disappointed when it didn’t?

Childhood Memories Of The Week

Created by Andy Fairhurst. And there are loads more over at Deviant Art .

Dark Knight Of The Week


At least you can see what’s happening in the action sequences…

Recycling Of The Week

A shiny dragon completely made out of old CDs. Clearly not James Blunt CDs. They’d be too wet. Created by Amon-a-boat . [via Geeks Are Sexy ]

Musical Plea Of The Week


Trouble is, George RR Martin will probably react by killing off more Starks in a massive minstrel massacre.

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Crossover Of The Week

Avengers meets Sailor Moon , courtesy of Ann Marcellino .

Interior Design Of The Week


This is fabulous, but don’t you sometimes wish there was a Fast Forward option on YouTube videos?

Home Furnishing Of The Week

Created by GraveRobberGirl as a wedding gift for some friends. Loads more pics of the details over at Craftster.org .

Showdown Of The Week

Go on, admit it – if you could order a Hover Board Lightsaber Portal Gun game by mail order… you would .

Chemistry Lesson Of The Week

The periodic table of superheroes by Matt Cowan . Click on the image for a larger version. [via Blastr ]

Prequel To A Prequel Of The Week


Why did the crew of the Prometheus do so many stupid things during the film? Because they were trained that way!

Unexpected Fan Of The Week

Turns out Marilyn Manson is a huge Lost fan. Lost 's Naveen Andrews revealed the truth when interviewed on Daybreak : when asked if he understood the ending, the actor who has jammed with Manson in the past, said, "I was very confused, just because I never watched the show. So when the end came, I had people like Marilyn Manson trying to convince me that we've resolved it really well and it all made sense. He's a real fan. He has Hurley's numbers tattooed into his arms. It's a lot like an Alan Partridge thing – like a crazed fan."

Title Sequence Of The Week

Do we have to spell it out?

Doomed Invasion Of The Week


Welcome to your new vertically-challenged robot overlords.

Pimped Up Ride Of The Week

This one could probably fly just by flapping all its doors. A DeLorean Limo, created by Rich Weissensel , and you can find out more about how he built it by clicking on the link. [via The Daily What ]

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