Spend your commute listening to oral arguments from Schwarzenegger v. EMA

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is kind of a dick. He likes to get a rise out of his opponents. Over the years he's made some statements that made our blood boil. However, being a dick, he's also incredibly funny, and we have to laugh even when we dispute his claims.But we're thankful thatwhen it comes to Schwarzenegger v. EMA (the case focusing on California's violent video game law), we agree with Scalia.

The Supreme Court has made the oral arguments in Schwarzenegger v. EMA available for download on their website, allowing us all to enjoy Scalia's particular brand of dickishness as he slaps down California's attorney time after time.

You can download the hour long mp3 filehere. Be sure to check out the transcript so you can tell which justice is which.

Nov 9, 2010