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Sneak Peek: GamesRadar's New Game Releases Super Show

Normally, we wouldn't write an article to tell you about a weekly feature we're going to start doing--least of all one about new releases--but this time it's a little different. We're not just going to list the new releases and let you know what console you can get the games on or anything simple like that. Each week, yes, we'll let you know what games are coming out. However, with the New Game Releases Super Show, we'll do it in style. Well, maybe not "style," but... just take a look.

Here's the pilot episode of our newest weekly video series launching later this month: New Game Releases Super Show.

Well, what do you think? Like we said this is a pilot, so the version launching later this month will be more polished and have a few different bells and whistles. Let us know in the comments below!