Shadow Warrior 2's Wang and friends go hunting in gameplay trailer

It's dangerous to go through Shadow Warrior 2's procedurally-generated environments alone. Why not take advantage of developer Flying Wild Hog implementing four-player co-op and bring a friend? That's what a new trailer, featuring 13 minutes of carnage - 9 of which show off co-op play - does, anyway. Check it out:

The game is a follow-up to 2013's Shadow Warrior (which was itself a reboot of a game from 1997), which featured a murder-mystery tale of demons, Ancients, Whisperers and Shadow Realms as assassin Lo Wang sought to re-forge a powerful sword. Sounds like big-league stuff, but the really important thing is he did with sunglasses on, dual SMGs loaded and foul-mouthed one-liners flying from his lips. Hopefully Shadow Warrior 2 can sum all that up for newcomers.

We don't know much about Shadow Warrior 2 yet, but it looks like Lo Wang will once again rid modern-day Asia of demons, ninjas, and demons who are also ninjas, dropping one-liners and blowing things up along the way, of course.

Sam Prell

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