Prove your Sea of Thieves pirattitude to Rare and be the first to play

While the rest of us speculate about Rare's first new (non-Kinect Sports) franchise since Viva Pinata, a handful of fans will soon be the first people outside of the inner circle to play Sea of Thieves. You could be one of them, if you're ready to get creative.

Rare's hosting a "Play it First" contest for Sea of Thieves: all you need to do to participate is send an original image or video showing how excited you are for the game to its official Twitter or Facebook (including the proper #SeaOfThievesContest hashtag). Granted if it's just a picture of you covering one eye with your hand like an eyepatch, you may not have quite as good of a shot at winning as the person who builds a working pirate ship and conquers their neighbor's swimming pool.

The contest is open until April 26, and you can find all the official rules here. Only a few die-hard fans will win the contest and be the first to try the game, but hopefully Rare will be ready to show off Sea of Thieves to the rest of the world soon after.

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