Rocket League Collector's Edition with all DLC hitting shelves later this year

In news that made me do real-life versions of every happy-faced emoji imaginable, a physical release of the incredible Rocket League is coming to a shop (or, more likely, Amazon Prime envelope) near you later this year.

That's not the only reason for my inane grinning. The retail version comes with all three DLC packs released to date – Supersonic Fury, Revenge Of The Battle-Cars and Chaos Run.

That's not the only reason for my inane grinning either. It also comes with several retail-exclusive bonuses, still to be announced.

(No word yet on whether it'll include the standalone Back To The Future Delorean or Batmobile DLC vehicles, but both would seem an integral part of something termed as a 'collector's edition'.)

Rocket League: Collector's Edition is released on PS4 and Xbox One in Q3 2016.

Ben Wilson

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