Meet Gerry Anderson at Forbidden Planet

Gerry Anderson and his Century 21 Productions created loads of iconic TV shows (including Thunderbirds, Stingray, UFO, Space: 1999 and Captain Scarlet) and in 1965 TV Century 21 (later known as TV21) was launched to tie in with these sci-fi series.

Authorised and supervised by the man himself, Chris Bentley has assembled two collections with some of the finest stories from TV21's classic years. If you've always fancied meeting up with the gent himself, Gerry Anderson will be signing both volumes of Century 21: Classic Comic Strips From The Worlds Of Gerry Anderson at the Forbidden Planet Megastore on Shaftesbury Avenue in London, on Saturday 18 April from 1pm to 2pm. (It occurs to us it's a shame it won't be just 30 minutes because then they could shout, "Anything can happen in the next half hour!" at the start.)

You can find out more about this event at the Forbidden Planet website .