It's The Oregon Trail: The Movie - now with more dysentery

Unfortunately it's only a two-minute fake trailer, but this viral video for a movie that we could only wish were real still brings back all those unforgettable childhood memories with everyone's favorite "educational" game.

Ever since The Oregon Trail video game first became commercially available on the Apple II computer in 1978, infecting your parents with cholera and diarrhea, asking people around you what the word “dysentery” meant, and risking your life just to save a few bucks on a raft has become an undeniable rite of passage.

This spoof of a trailer from Los Angeles-based media production group Half Day Today shows just how ridiculous some of the situations were in the awesome computer game, like only being able to take 10 pounds of the 1,400-pound buffalo you shot, or the fact that you could name your sister “Poop Face.”

Of course, nothing can quite beat the Legend of Zelda movie trailer from a couple years ago, but this certainly ranks right up there next to Oregon Trail vs Mortal Kombat. Good times.

Source: Huffington Post