For Honor samurai probably does calligraphy but right now he's stabbing fools

Bringing a samurai trailer to Tokyo Game Show might be a little "on the nose," Ubisoft, but I must say that For Honor is still looking really slick. The new video officially introduces The Oni, one of the many fearsome warriors you'll control and/or clash swords with on the multiplayer battlefield.

Unlike the heavily armored Knights, the Oni use quick, maneuverable attacks to exploit weaknesses in close-quarters duels. But just because you keep your distance from the Oni's poisoned blade doesn't mean you're safe; they can throw kunai at foes, or even call down an arrow storm from distant archers.

For Honor uses a novel mix of reactive swordplay and battle tactics in all its multiplayer battles. While we're waiting for a release date from Ubisoft, make sure you check out this Dominion mode for a more in-depth look at how it all will play out.

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Connor Sheridan

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