Europe's first videogame museum, ViGaMus, to open in Rome

Rome. It's home to the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Pantheon. But coming soon, there will actually be something cool there -a videogame museum! The ViGaMus will open its doors next year, and thepeople behind the project say it's the first dedicated museum for videogames to be built outside of the US or Japan.

Plans for the museum will be officially unveiled at the Italian Videogame Developer Conference (IVDC) next month. For now, we've gotten a peek at some awesome concept pictures.

While it's expected to contain a flagship display about Italy's contributions to the game industry,the museumwill, of course, be a reflection of videogame history on a global scale.

Earlier this year, an arcade museum opened in Illinois. There are similar establishments in California, New York, and Japan as well. For the most part, such exhibitions have been where you'd expect them, in high-profile gaming locations.

"ViGaMus sends a message to the world that Italy is confident, innovative and open for business," said IVDC president Marco Accordi Rickards. "ViGaMus is the first of a raft of ambitious projects which sees the Italian Videogames industry, Italian government and private investors working closely together towards a common goal."

Above: Neat

We can't wait to see what this ultra modern museum looks like when it's finished.Road trip! I mean,except for the ocean part. Might need a boat or something. A videogame boat.

Nov 1, 2010