Enterprising Furniture

Martin Legg's wooden Enterprise

Anyone who's been to a big event like London Expo knows what they're like - along with the special guests signing autographs and various interactive events taking place, there are dozens of trading tables. And in among the traders with autographed photos and other memorabilia at the October 2006 Expo, my eye was caught by something very special.

At first glance, it was a fairly large wooden model of the Enterprise. Pretty nifty. But then you noticed that the "model" served a more practical purpose - it's got a lightbulb hidden under the saucer.

The model shown above, showing off its lamp

The Enterprise-lamp is one of the creations of craftsman Martin Legg, who specialises in bespoke furniture which is practical and hard-wearing, but also a lot more interesting to look at than your normal coffee table. Martin uses top-quality hard woods and all his creations are hand-made with traditional tools. And the finished product really is stunning.

You can see more of Martin's creations on his website, the appropriately-named Unique Furniture Outlet . If you're looking for something very different as a gift for a sci-fi fan in your life, this could be just what you're looking for...

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