Store everything a Dragonborn needs in this $50K Elder Scrolls basement

Hail, citizen! The Elder Scrolls Online console launch is currently experiencing technical difficulties (to say the least, what with infinite loading screens, invisible NPCs and the like), so while Zenimax Online Studios works on a fix, let’s see if we can’t channel that enthusiasm for Bethesda’s fantasy RPG series into something else.

Perhaps, if you’ve the time and coin - $50,000 worth, to be precise - you can follow DC Comics artist Tyler Kirkham’s example and invest in building a real-life version of Tamriel in your basement:

Of course, if you’re looking to create such a space on a more limited budget, you could always axe some of the basement’s more costly features, such as its $20,000 home cinema or $15,000 bathroom waterfall. Or maybe you could level up your Speech skill and try to convince someone to help you out at a discounted price. Hey, you never know.

Sam Prell

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