Former Duke Nukem Forever devs' new game is top-down monster slaughter

You may know 3D Realms as the studio behind Duke Nukem Forever (well, one of the studios - a game in development for 15 years tends to change hands). But the developer is hoping to win back some goodwill with its upcoming game, Bombshell.

Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison is the game's heroine; a bomb defusal expert and mercenary who just so happens to have a robotic arm and pistol that shoots three bullets at a time. Not much has been revealed about the game's plot, but we do know she uses her pistol to shoot cyborg aliens in the face. In other words, other than the lack of gratuitous nudity and swearing, the tone hasn't changed a lot since the days when 3D Realms made Duke Nukem games.

What has changed is the gameplay. Bombshell is an isometric-perspective shooter-RPG hybrid, closer in style to something like Diablo than Duke Nukem Forever. It's scheduled to fire its improbable guns on PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime this year, so only time will tell if it's good enough to boost 3D Realms' reputation. For now though, we have the first gameplay to (possibly) get excited about. Take a look:

Sam Prell

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