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Double Fine launches Massive Chalice Kickstarter

Double Fine is back on Kickstarter for an all-new project called Massive Chalice. The fantasy game aims to combine the turn-based strategy of games like XCOM and Fire Emblem: Awakening with a generation-spanning, randomly generated campaign, where heroes and their lineage turn the tide against a demon army.

Video game Kickstarters reached the tipping point with the Double Fine Adventure last year. That project (now called Broken Age) is still under development, but Massive Chalice will be handled by a different team within the studio, led by Iron Brigade creator and Brutal Legend designer Brad Muir.

A high-level fantasy/turn-based tactics game is a new tack for the studio. More than 6,000 backers have already shown their support--with more than $230,000 pledged of Massive Chalice's $725,000 goal just hours into the campaign.

A minimum pledge of $20 is required for the PC/Mac/Linux game and early access to a making-of documentary from 2 Player Productions (the same team handling the Broken Age videos).

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