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Buck's back

Vintage space hero Buck Rogers is staging another comeback. He's set to star in a brand new series of web-based adventures, created by James Cawley and the team behind Star Trek Phase II, the popular fan-produced internet incarnation of the Trek franchise.

Cawley Entertainment say that Buck's resurrection will be a fully licenced, professional production, funded through streaming advertising (we like to think there's a huge, untapped market for personal jet-packs out there). The show will boast a retro-contemporary look and promises to be faithful to the classic comic strip, which made its debut in 1929.

"We will be using the technology we have today to present the original version of the first sci-fi hero ever," says Cawley. "Previous filmed incarnations never really captured the original Buck from the comic strips, which is what we aim to do." Wot, no Twiki?

Cawley aims to put out 20 40-minute Buckisodes a year, beginning in Autumn 2010. Frank Miller is also attached to a big screen revival, of course, but given the shameful mess he made of The Spirit it may be for the best if he leaves this cherished pulp icon well alone.

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