Black Cat For Spider-Man 4?

According to , actress Rachel (Wedding Crashers, Sherlock Holmes) McAdams has met with the producers of Spider-Man for “a major role” – Felicia Hardy, known to comic fans as The Black Cat. In the comics, she’s a cat-burglar who develops a stalker style crush on Spider-Man.

Director Sam Raimi has previously said that he agreed with critics that Spider-Man 3 was too overloaded with villains, and suggested that the fourth film would only have one major villain. However, actor Dylan Baker has already revealed that he'll be returning as Dr Curt Connors (the one armed science teacher briefly seen in Spidey 3), and Connors, as every fans knows, is destined to become the Lizard. So, will Spidey 4 be another multi-baddie mash-up, or are plans being set in place for Spidey 5?

Meanwhile, Coming Soon also discovered this snippet – actress Romola (Atonement) Garai, writing in The Observer:

"‘Love is at the root of everything good that has ever happened and will happen.’ This phrase swam into focus as I moved up the escalator at Oxford Circus tube on Tuesday morning on my way to put myself ‘on tape’ for a part in Spider-Man 4. This is the acting equivalent of the London Marathon in that it's important to try your best as long as you understand that you aren't going to win.”

Another Black Cat contender maybe?

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