Survivors returns

The BBC has announced that Terry Nation’s post apocalyptic '70s series Survivors is to be remade for BBC One.

"After months of negotiations, I am delighted that one of British television's great cult series will return with original stories packed with adventure and spirit set against the backdrop of our own recognisable world,” says Kate Harwood Head of Series and Serials.

The new series will be written by Adrian Hodges, the creator of Primeval, who will adapt the premise of a world where 99% of the population has been wiped out by a virus.

"Survivors was one of the bravest and most exciting programmes of its time and I'm thrilled to be involved with re-imagining it for a new audience,” says Hodges. "I remember its original impact vividly and I hope we can make a similar impression with the new version. Its themes remain as relevant as ever and while we will be staying faithful to many aspects of the original, we will also be bringing the story into the 21st Century and make it accessible to contemporary audiences."

Cross fingers they manage to come up with a title sequence half way as brilliant as the ones for the original show. And it’s got to be better than the similarly themed Jericho (or Little Fall Out Shelter on the Prairie as it we like to call it), surely?