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Nolan On Inception

Christopher Nolan unveils new Inception footage at ShoWest 2010

Christopher Nolan presented some new footage from his mysterious, upcoming, reality-bending SF thriller Inception on the last day at ShoWest, and Coming Soon was there to report on what was on show.

Nolan told the audience that Inception is “an action film told in a grand scale by a character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who runs a team of people who have access to a technology that allows them to enter people's minds through their dreams.” He explained that dreams allowed the team to go anywhere, so the production went to six different countries to shoot, to create an experience similar to the James Bond and Indiana Jones films he loved as a child.

The site then gives a detailed description of the footage shown, summing up that, “Nolan may have created something that falls in line with The Matrix in terms of combining action with philosophy, which certainly would make the movie very different from everything else coming out this summer.”