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New Stephen King Adaptation Announced By Syfy

Syfy has announced a whopping 28 new projects , including an adaptation of Stephen King's '80s fantasy novel The Eye Of The Dragon .

Renamed Eyes Of The Dragon by Syfy, it's the story of a kingdom tyorn apart in the wake of the death of its king. A best-seller for King back in 1987, Syfy has drafted in Michael Taylor ( Defiance , Battlestar Galactica ) and Jeff Vintar ( I, Robot ) as the writing team.

Elsewhere in Syfy's ambitious new roster are adaptations of Charlaine Harris series Grave Sight , about a young girl who gains special powers after being struck by lightning, a series spin off of The Adjustment Bureau , and a TV take on DC's Booster Gold character.

Syfy is also attempting to combine the worlds of MMO gaming and TV drama with Defiance , a future-Earth story starring the likes of Julie Benz and Jaime Murray . The show will launch at the same time as a multi-platform shooter from Trion of the same name in 2013.