Kane you see what it is yet?

Have no fear – Van Helsing 2 is not on the way. This is the teaser poster for Solomon Kane (courtesy of Sneakpeek.ca ) an upcoming sword’n’sorcery flick based on a character created in 1928 by Robert E Howard (best known for Conan).

The film, which stars James Purefoy (Rome) is a French/Czech/UK co-production, produced by Samuel "Brotherhood Of The Wolf" Hadida and Paul Berrow. Max Von Sydow also stars as Josiah Kane.

Solomon Kane is described in Howard’s original pulp novels as sombre and gloomy man, with cold eyes, two flintlock pistols and the magical Staff of Solomon. The film is set in the 1500s, with Solomon battling demonic forces.

The film, which is being shot in the Czech republic, is due out next year.