Frank Miller plans to make Buck Rogers

Bidi-bidi-bidi! The Hollywood Reporter says Frank Miller (currently pushing The Spirit ) is set to bring Buck Rogers to the big screen.

We all know Buck and his 25th century adventures mostly from the 1979-1981 TV show starring Gil Gerard, but of course the character was created in 1928 (first called Anthony Rogers) as the hero of two tales in Amazing Stories, written by Philip Francis Nowlan. Buck then appeared in a long-running newspaper comic strip, before spawning film serials and TV shows. Frank Miller, meanwhile, is the writer and illustrator behind influential graphic novels Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300. He is now bringing The Spirit to life, in a movie based on the 1940s comic strip by Will Eisner.

Variety reported back in May that Nu Image/Millennium had purchased the Buck Rogers film rights from the Dille Trust, which is run by the family of Frank Dille who syndicated the early comic strips. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Frank Miller and The Spirit producers Odd Lot Entertainment are now in final negotiations to option the Buck Rogers rights from Nu Image/Millennium (thanks Empire ).

What would you like to see from a Buck Rogers movie? Is the world crying out for a big screen version of Twiki? Hit us in the comment thread below…