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Flashforward A Ratings Hit For Five

UK broadcaster Five reaped the benefits of airing the first episode of Flashforward a mere four days after its US premiere (and trailering like mad), with the show pulling in 3.2 million viewers to the channel.

This compares favourably with the the debuts of Five's other major US imports over the years: 2.4 million for the first episode of CSI on Five in 2001, 3.1 million for CSI: Miami's debut in 2003, 3.4 million for CSI: NY in 2005 and 3.6 million for The Mentalist earlier this year.

Flashforward was competing with the BBC's old ratings warhorse, Waking The Dead, which drew in 6.3 million, and ITV1's Blue Murder, which was watched by 4.5 million. Five claims, though, that Flashforward was especially popular with the 16 to 34 age group, making it the most watched show at the time for that demographic.

Catch 'em before they download, that's what we say.