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The Expendables TV series enters development at Fox

The Expendables film franchise found its niche by throwing a squad of former action movie stars into perilous situations, armed with high-tech weapons and brilliantly hammy one-liners. Now Fox is turning to that same premise for a TV series.

Star and scribe of the film franchise, Sylvester Stallone, is on board to executive produce alongside the movies’ producer, Avi Lerner, for what’s been dubbed by Deadline as a “fun action drama.”

The twist in its transition to the small screen is that instead of cult movie talent, the series will unite iconic TV stars, for what the trade describes as “a new team of highly-skilled heroes who are on a mission to stop a dangerous terrorist.”

Just off the top of our heads we nominate 24’s resident badass Kiefer Sutherland and The Walking Dead sharp shooter, Laurie Holden. Those two know how to tussle.

So far, the adaptation has only received a script order from the network. Currently at work on that initial draft are Ride Along’s Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward and NCIS: LA showrunner Shane Brennan.

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Gem Seddon
Gem is GR+'s west coast entertainment news reporter. She’s a bit obsessed with all things Aliens and Terminator.