Clip from the new Red Dwarf box set

There's a new Red Dwarf box set out on Monday 12 November - The Bodysnatcher Collection. In case you're wondering what the devil that title means, allow us to explain. Most of the box set comprises the remastered versions of seasons one to three, updated for the show's 10th anniversary with new CGI effects. But there are also loads of new extras. Probably the most interesting of these is "Bodysnatcher", which is a season one script, never finished at the time. It's now been completed by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, and is presented using storyboards, with a Chris Barrie vocal performance over the top.

Other extras include feature-length Making Of lookbacks at each of the first three seasons. to watch a three minute clip from the one on the first series. Please note: you'll need Windows Media Player to watch this.