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Did you ever wish that there was a hilarious audio commentary in Alien? Would you prefer to watch the end of the world with a sarcastic voice-over? Do you like to watch bad science fiction movies, just to make fun of them? If you answered, “Uh-huh,” to any of the questions above, then you’ll want to check out RiffTrax , the downloadable audio commentary that you sync with you favourite (or most hated) movies, to help make them funny. SFX Blogger talks to a man who provides the laughs…

Kevin Murphy: This Guy Is Riffing Awesome!

This is a personal article by Kell Harker, one of our site contributors. Are you a fan of MST3K and RiffTrax? Do you like to watch your favourite movie with the RiffTrax playing in-sync? Your comments are appreciated, as always.