Animal Crossing, Mario Maker amiibo spotted; you might want to get in line now

Animal Crossing on Wii U is looking more likely, and Mario fans may have a new toy to tempt themselves with; Eurogamer has spotted an image on Nintendo of Europe's official site showing new Animal Crossing amiibo and an 8-bit Mario amiibo, with the latter likely to be used with the upcoming Mario Maker.

The image has since been replaced on Nintendo's website, but you can see it above in its entirety. Alongside previously-known amiibo like Yarn Yoshi and the Mario Party 10, we can plainly see a retro-style Mario jumping out of a pipe, as well as Animal Crossing characters (from left to right) Tom Nook, Isabelle, Mabel and K. K. Slider.

We'll have to wait to see if Nintendo makes these official during E3 2015. If they do, I expect lines to form starting right about … now.

Sam Prell

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